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This page includes some statistics and records from past MSO main events more detailed records can be found in results or using the links below.

1David M. Pearce454356144
2Tim Hebbes33222277
3Dario De Toffoli32292889
4Ankush Khandelwal31212678
5Alain S. Dekker27343091
Top 300

Top 5 most MSO ranks

Most MSO International Grandmaster, International Master and Candidate Masters as a league table

1David Pearce129425
2Dario De Toffoli109221
3Martyn J. Hamer86519
4Tim Hebbes84315
5Ankush Khandelwal711119
Top 30

Top 5 Players with the most medals in a single Mind Sports

1David Pearce200922( 6G 6S 10B )
2David Pearce200818( 6G 7S 5B )
3Martyn J. Hamer200916( 7G 5S 4B )
4=Ankush Khandelwal200514( 9G 3S 2B )
4=Dario De Toffoli200914( 5G 5S 4B )
Top 60

Top 5 league table medals in a single year

Best results as league table by yeart excluding spercial events like the pentamind that comprise other events

1Ankush Khandelwal200583112
2Tim Hebbes200982212
3Ankush Khandelwal201370411
4Martyn J. Hamer200964414
5Alain S. Dekker200955313
Top 50

Top 5 most medals in a single game

1Gert MittringMental Calculations131014
2Alain S. DekkerPacru111012
3Steve A. RimmerBackgammon108725
4Ankush KhandelwalChess95418
5Makoto SuekuniOthello9009
Top 50

Top 5 most medals in a single discipline

Most medals in a discipline which can include multiple games such as chess exchange and chess.

1Ankush KhandelwalChess27
2Steve A. RimmerBackgammon25
3Mahmoud J. JahanbaniBackgammon22
4David A. KotinDraughts21
5=Martyn J. HamerPacru20
Top 40