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    Don't miss out on the opportunity to win one of the major trophies on offer. Especially the 2011 Pentamind

    World Amateur Poker

    This is an event open to both adults and juniors alike. Practice your live poker and you may even get to call yourself the Amateur World Champion.

    We don't play for money just medals. This gives a unique opportunity for under 18s to show how good they are with a junior title up for grabs too!


    MSO Oware Tournament 2012 Details

    Oware World Championships
    Monday 20th August 10:00-13:45
    Arbiter/OrganiserMike Dixon
    ULU - 2nd Floor
    Players per board2
    Clocks:20 Minutes per player
    Game Page:Oware
    Rules download:Oware Tournament Rules
    Latest update:16th August 15:00


    The tournament movement can be changed before the commencement of play at the organiser descretion. No match with the exception of a play-off match may start outside of the scheduled time without extrordinary circumstances.

    Normally, a Swiss movement will be used and late players risk exclusion from the competition and must be present before the commencement of the 3rd round to have their scores counted in the competition.


    An all-play-all tournament will only be used if the numbers are such that the number of rounds fits completely into the alloted playing session. This could lead to a maximum of a 5 minute reduction of time per player to that of the Swiss movement.

    Tie-break for 2012 tournament

    Tie-breaks are only used to decide the medals and do not apply to multi-event games using pentamind points or to prize moies which are split between the players.

    Swiss Movement

    1. If and only if all players on the same number of victory points have all played each other then the result between tied players is used.
    2. If players are still tied after 1. then Buchholz is used.

    Point one applies even if three players A, B & C all on same VP with A beating B and A beating C and B and C have not played each other Player A does not win the tie-break but moves on to 2. Buchholz


    1. result between tied players is used.
    2. If players are still tied after 1. then Sonneborn-Berger applies

    General Tournament Rules

    Any player should feel free to call the arbiter at any stage when they are unsure how to proceed or need a ruling. The clock should be stopped until the arbiter makes a ruling.

    A player can appeal an arbiter's ruling by calling the senior arbiter or requesting that the arbiter do so.

    The senior arbiter's decision is final and can supersede the game and tournament rules if it is deemed such rules are not in accordance with the precepts of fairness.

    Smoking is prohibited in all MSO events and under UK law. Mobile phones must be switched off in the playing areas when play is in progress. Any breech of this causing a disturbance will incur a minimum of a warning followed by

    Tournament rules

    These rules assume players maintain good games etiquette and sportmanship failure to do so may result in penalties beyond what is stated in these concise rules:
    Oware rules

    Protocol for calling the arbiter

    Any person may report an irregularity to the arbiter or senior arbiter when not disrupting play.

    Normally protocol won't be required when calling the arbiter but in cases where there is a significant dispute protocol should be observed by the players and spectators:

    • The person calling the arbiter should speak first and make his/her case themselves without interuption from any player or spectator.
    • Next any accused party or affected players speak if more than one the order is chosen by the arbiter.
    • The arbiter can then choose to consult any other person before making a ruling.
    • People should wait to be asked before speaking.

    All non-players including coaches or parents have the status of spectators during play. The only exception is when acting as translators.