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Oware is the oldest game in the world and is normally described as a seed game. Thought to be 6000 years old and it can still prove a challenge to play the game well even after all this time. Each player can take all of the seeds from any hole on their side of the board and then simply seeds them into all the other slots one at a time.



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MSO Champions

2015Glenda TrewJamaicaOlympiad Champion
2014Paul SmithEnglandOlympiad Champion
2013Jean RetschitzkiFranceOlympiad Champion
2012Dario De ToffoliItalyOlympiad Champion
2011Dario De ToffoliItalyOlympiad Champion
2007Paul SmithEnglandOlympiad Champion
2006Blaise JolyFranceOlympiad Champion
2005Hana KvapilovaCzech RepublicOlympiad Champion
2004Dario De ToffoliItalyOlympiad Champion
2003Paul SmithEnglandOlympiad Champion
2000Trevor SimonAntiguaOlympiad Champion
1999Trevor SimonAntiguaOlympiad Champion
1998Trevor SimonAntiguaWorld Champion
1997J. RichardsAntiguaOlympiad Champion

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