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MSO 2013

Don't miss out on the opportunity to win one of the major trophies on offer. Especially the prestigous 2013 Pentamind and Modern Abstract Games World Championships. 2013 will see the first ever Ladies' Pentamind.

World Amateur Poker

Live poker open to everyone even under 18s.

We don't play for money just medals and the title of amateur World Champion!


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20th Mind Sports Olympiad - London 2016

2016 Timetable can be viewed here

17th Mind Sports Olympiad - London 2013 - August 17-26

A report of the 17th MSO can be found

The 2013 Pentamind was shared by Estonia's Andres Kuusk and England's Ankush Khandelwal. The Junior pentamind also went to Estonia with Martin Hobemagi. And Emily Watson won the inaugural Ladies' Pentamind. Full results can be on the boardability result page

The latest medal winners for 2013 can be found here. It is still not to late to come along and play too.

16th MSO: August 18th-27th, 2012, at the University of London Union

The 2012 championships have ended with over 30 countries represented. The results can be found here.

Dario De Toffoli won the Pentamind World championships beating off strong challenges from Spain's Paco Garcia De La Banda, England's James Heppell and Estonia's Andres Kuusk.

The Mind Sports Olympiad - Official Website

The Mind Sports Olympiad is the home of intellectual pursuits. We run a yearly international tournaments combining events from a large number of mental disciplines. The MSO competition is open to everyone! We have a huge range of Games many that may bring you new and exciting challenges. These include the classicevents and tournaments. Cards, board, tile, hobby, dice are just some of the categories of event we offer.

For more details about the MSO and its history go to about us.

If you think that you are good at games, then it is time to think again! By visiting the Tournament part of our site.

The Mind Sports Olympiad gives out medals, awards and titles. We also run many World Championships. So if you areplaying for fun or want to see some of the best players of all-time, come and join us this August! The Results section has the full results and league tables from past years.


27th March 2016

Death of Original MSO Chairman

The passing of Sir Brian Tovey last year might well have escaped your notice. While he was well known for many achievements, he was also the founding chairman of the original Mind Sports Olympiad. It has been a long-time since he attended the Mind Sports Olympiad but some of the long-time competitors might even have been presented a medal by his wife. The Telegraph's Obituary can be found here".

18th August 2013

Andres Kuusk off to a flying start

Andres Kuusk not only wont the Hare and Tortoise world Champship for Estonia but early in the day he shared the world title for Kamisado. So 2 events and 2 golds!

18th August 2013

Name from the past for the future?

Hassabis is a name very familiar to results pages of the MSO in the past. So there was perhaps little surprise when Demis took a medal in the Settlers. His son, 7 year old Alexander Hassabis took junior Gold in his first tournament leading to speculation as to whether we might be seeing a dynasty in the making.

17th August 2013

MSO 17 sees first medal go to Poland

The first computer game competition ever at the MSO lead saw Anatol Gasiorowski triumph for Poland

9th July 2012

Ladies' Pentamind World Championships

The inaugural Ladies' Pentamind world championship in 2012. In order to determine the best woman in this years MSO.

6th July 2012

Medals are here!

This year we are pleased to announce that we will again be having actual medals. And the medals have arrived safely.

21st November 2011

2012 Timetable is out now!

The Mind Sports Olympiad 2012 timetable is finally here. More games, more evening events and more special prices. You won't want to miss out. We even have a surprise game.

9th October 2011

University of London Union 2012

The venue for the 2012 MSO will again take place in London at the University of London Union

8th October 2011

No news is bad news

We have unfortunately had a couple of problems with our server that means that some of the news headlines vanished. Everything is working properly again and there will be more news soon about 2012.

28th August 2011

MSO 15 Concludes

The 2011 Mind Sports Olympiad had its closing ceremony with Andres Kuusk winning the Pentamind World Championship for Estonia. The Junior Pentamind went to Tomasz Bazant from Poland. more...

25th August 2011

Germany takes Gold

There were several surprises in the mental calculations paper but not in the winner with Gert Mittring winning yet again. Similarly the Decamentathlon also went to the defending champion Mat Cordell. more...

24th August 2011

Entropy goes to the wire

The Entropy World Championship has gone to the wire with a 3-way tie break. Between Spain's defending champion Paco De La Banda, Estonia's Andres Kuusk and England's Peter Horlock. more...

23rd August 2011

Andres responds with 2 Golds

Today saw, the all-round competitions hot-up with Andres last year's Pentamind silver medalist responding to Paco with 2 Golds and a Silver. David Pearce also stamped his authority on the Abstract games with two outright Golds and World Championships. more...

22nd August 2011

Paco arrives to win 3 medals in one day!

The defending Pentamind World Champion showed why he is one of the top games players in the World taking 3 medals in 3 events today. more...

21st August 2011

Poker goes to Levy

David Levy the MSO's founder showed that he can play more than just chess upon winning the first event of the 2011 World Amatuer Poker Championships - the 7 card stud. Other events included Xiangqi and the settlers of Catan. more...

20th August 2011

Mind Sport opens at ULU

The first day of the MSO has ended with medals in Scrabble variants, chess, backgammon, Hare and Tortoise and more decided already. more...

2nd October 2009

Committee meeting set for London

Second MSO 2010 committee meeting on the 17th October to happen in London.

1st October 2009

Talking about Artificial Intelligene, MSO founder, Levy is the best again

Success of the Mind Sport's players has often gone beyond the Mind sports itself. David Levy has managed to win the highly prestigous 2009 Loebner prize. This prize has nothing to do with games or work in the community but is one of the most sought after awards in computing.He has forthe second time won for producing the most human like chatbot (a computer trying to pretend to be a human when having a conversation). Here we give somewhat belated congratulations on David triumphing with the most human computer this year.

19th September 2009

Bridge to return to the MSO

As part of the plans for 2010 we are happy to announce thta bridge will be making its return to the MSO with the forming of a new group just for the event.

17th September 2009

New Pentamind tie-breaks discussed

As part of the 2010 MSO organising committee meeting, new tie-breaks for the Pentamind were discussed so as to reduce the chances of a repeat of the 2009 Pentamind tie-break.