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Mike Wellman is better known as Mr. Pacru at the MSO. This has a lot to do with him taking the time to teach many of the avid game all-rounders his game Pacru before eventually having the World Championships held at the MSO. This is a game that Alain Dekker has taken to like a fish to water having won it every time it has been held.

As well as Pacru he has also got two other games that are played with the same set Azacru and Shacru. Azacru Mike himself won the first World Championship but Martyn Hamer s preparation proved too much in for him by the second time it was held. Having beaten off both Alain and Bronwen Dekker. Shacru has only had a world championship fewer times and most of those were won by David Pearce.

All of these games have a 2, 3 & 4 player versions so fun to play to gang up against the eventual winner of the main event.

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