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Five times Pentamind winner and over a decade as number one on the all time medal league table, Demis could be regarded as the best games player in history. Both Demis and his brother George Hassabis were allowed to play simultaneously in the second MSO but even this did not put a stop to the medal tally.

Having finally had his 7 year winning run of Entropy broken by Alain Dekker, it might well encourage a resurgence from him. So will he be winning the Pentamind again? Even if Demis does not win the prestigious Pentamind again it would be no surprise if their son does in the future.

As well as winning major games titles away from the MSO, such as the Diplomacy World Teams title, he has also been a sucessful computer game designer. His best known game is probably still Theme Park World and his games company Elixir at one time put him on the under 30ís rich list. Now Demis is trying to push back the boundaries of neuroscience as following-on from his PhD. Winning the accolade of becoming a Fellow of the Royal Academy and a Royal Society Mullard prize winner he truly replicates his diversity developed from the world of games to the wider world.

His most recent endeavours include founding the company DeepMind purchased by alphabet which has since gone on to create a powerful AI (AlphaGo) becoming the first computer to beat the best human at go.

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