All medals for Paco Garcia De La Banda by year

Paco Garcia De La Banda representing Spain has won medals given in the table below.

Alternatively these can be viewed by year or by game

Backgammon Tournament 132004
Backgammon Tournament 422004
Backgammon BlitzBlitz32006
Backgammon Olympiad Championship22012
Blokus Olympiad Championship32011
Blokus Olympiad Championship22012
Chess BlitzBlitz 312006
Creative Thinking World Championship12010
Creative Thinking World Championship32011
Decamentathlon World Championship32006
Entropy World Championship12010
Entropy World Championship32011
Entropy World Championship22012
Go Lightning32004
Go Rapid PlayRapid Play12006
Go Olympiad Championship22010
Go 13x1313x1312010
Go 13x1313x1322012
Learn and Play New Games 32012
London Lowball (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)12006
Mastermind Olympiad Championship22010
Mastermind Olympiad Championship32011
Oware Olympiad Championship22011
Pentamind World Championship32006
Pentamind World Championship12010
Pentamind World Championship22012
Pineapple Hold'em (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)22006
Pineapple Hold'em (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)12010
Poker: 5 Card Draw (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)12011
Poker: 7 Card Stud (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)22012
Poker: Texas Hold'em (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)22004
Poker: Texas Hold'em Heads-UpHeads-Up32010
Poker: Texas Hold'em Heads-UpHeads-Up12012
Stratego Olympiad Championship22012