All medals for James Heppell by year

James Heppell representing England has won medals given in the table below.

Alternatively these can be viewed by year or by game

Abalone Olympiad Championship22006
Abalone Olympiad Championship22008
Abalone Olympiad Championship22009
Abalone Olympiad Championship32010
Acquire Olympiad Championship32007
Acquire Olympiad Championship32009
Acquire Olympiad Championship22013
Acquire Olympiad Championship32015
Boku World Championship32006
Boku World Championship12007
Boku World Championship32008
Chess BlitzBlitz12009
Chess 960 Olympiad Championship22012
Cribbage Olympiad Championship22004
Cribbage Olympiad Pairs12005
Cribbage Olympiad Pairs22006
Cribbage Olympiad Pairs32007
Cribbage Olympiad Championship12010
Cribbage Olympiad Pairs12012
Cribbage Olympiad Championship12014
Cribbage Olympiad Championship22015
Cribbage Olympiad Pairs12015
Cuttle Olympiad Championship32009
Diplomacy Olympiad Championship32013
Diving Chess World Championship22012
Diving Chess World Championship22013
Diving Chess World Championship32014
Diving Chess World Championship12015
Frisian Olympiad Championship32007
Hare and Tortoise World Championship22008
Hare and Tortoise World Championship22009
Hare and Tortoise World Championship32012
Hare and Tortoise World Championship12015
Hexago World Championship32007
Learn and Play New Games 22012
Lines of Action World Championship22004
Lines of Action World Championship32006
Lines of Action World Championship12008
Lines of Action World Championship32009
Lines of Action World Championship22012
Lines of Action World Championship32013
Lines of Action World Championship22015
London Lowball (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)12009
Lost Cities Olympiad Championship12013
Lost Cities Olympiad Championship12015
Mah Jong Olympiad Championship22008
Mastermind Olympiad Championship22007
Mensa Connections Olympiad Championship12007
Mensa Connections Olympiad Championship32008
Mensa Connections Olympiad Championship22009
Mensa Connections Olympiad Championship22012
Mensa Connections Olympiad Championship12013
Monopoly Olympiad Championship22009
Omaha (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)32012
Othello Olympiad Championship12007
Pentamind World Championship32012
Pentamind World Championship32013
Pentamind World Championship12015
Pineapple Hold'em (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)32009
Pineapple Hold'em (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)32015
Poker: 7 Card Stud (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)12013
Poker: 7 Card Stud (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)32014
Poker: Canadian Stud (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)32007
Powergrid Olympiad Championship12008
Retsami World Championship12009
Rummikub Olympiad Championship11999
Rummikub Olympiad Championship22007
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship32009
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship22014
Settlers of Catan Olympiad Championship22015
Shacru World Championship12009
Shacru World Championship22010
Shacru World Championship12012
Superfut Olympiad Championship12015
Triolet Olympiad Championship32006
Triolet Olympiad Championship12015
Twixt Olympiad Championship32007
Twixt Olympiad Championship32008