All medals for Alain S. Dekker by year

Alain S. Dekker representing South Africa has won medals given in the table below.

Alternatively these can be viewed by year or by game

Abstract Games World Championship32008
Alfred's Wyke Olympiad Championship22009
Azacru World Championship22007
Azacru Olympiad Championship32008
Azacru World Championship32008
Azacru World Championship12010
Backgammon 5 pts22009
Boku World Championship22006
Boku World Championship32007
Boku World Championship32011
Boku World Championship22013
Boku World Championship32015
Chaos and Order Olympiad Championship12009
Chess Evening 112004
Chess BlitzBlitz22005
Chess Olympiad Championship22006
Chess Olympiad Championship22007
Chess Rapid Play 222008
Chess Fischer Time32008
Chess Olympiad Championship32009
Computer Programming Olympiad Championship32013
Computer Programming Olympiad Championship32015
Cribbage Olympiad Championship22012
Decamentathlon World Championship22007
Decamentathlon World Championship12008
Decamentathlon World Championship22007
Decamentathlon World Championship22010
Decamentathlon World Championship22011
Decamentathlon World Championship12012
Dicewords World Championship32008
Diving Chess World Championship32011
Diving Chess World Championship32012
Diving Chess World Championship32015
Dots and Boxes Olympiad Championship22009
Entropy World Championship22005
Entropy World Championship32006
Entropy World Championship22007
Entropy World Championship12009
Entropy World Championship22010
Entropy World Championship32012
Entropy World Championship32013
Entropy World Championship22014
Entropy World Championship32015
Exchange Chess PairsOlympiad Pairs22011
Exchange Chess PairsOlympiad Pairs22012
Exchange Chess PairsOlympiad Pairs22013
Hexdame Olympiad Championship22007
Intimate Diplomacy Intimate32005
Intimate Diplomacy Intimate22006
Learn and Play New Games 32012
Lines of Action World Championship22007
Lines of Action World Championship12014
London Lowball (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)32009
Lost Cities Olympiad Championship12009
Lost Cities Olympiad Championship22010
Lost Cities Olympiad Championship12011
Lost Cities Olympiad Championship22013
Mexican Stud (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)12008
Mexican Stud (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)32009
Monopoly Olympiad Championship32013
Monopoly Olympiad Championship32015
Pacru World Championship12003
Pacru World Championship12004
Pacru World Championship12005
Pacru World Championship12006
Pacru World Championship12007
Pacru Olympiad Championship12008
Pacru World Championship12008
Pacru Olympiad Championship12009
Pacru World Championship22009
Pacru World Championship12010
Pacru World Championship12011
Pacru World Championship12012
Pentamind World Championship12004
Pentamind World Championship22006
Pentamind World Championship32007
Pineapple Hold'em (Pot Limit)(Pot Limit)22008
Quiz PairsOlympiad Pairs22013
Quiz PairsOlympiad Pairs32014
Shacru World Championship32008
Trigames (continuo-oware-go)22004
Trigames (othello-backgammon-boku)32004
Triolet Olympiad Championship32005
Xiangqi Rapid PlayRapid Play12004
Xiangqi Rapid PlayRapid Play22006
Xiangqi Rapid PlayRapid Play12007
Xiangqi Olympiad Championship12008
Xiangqi Olympiad Championship12009
Xiangqi Olympiad Championship22010
Xiangqi Olympiad Championship32011
Xiangqi Olympiad Championship12012
Xiangqi Olympiad Championship32013
Xiangqi Olympiad Championship32015