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Rummikub is all about making sets in a similar way to Gin Rummy. The sand timer is just enough to stop most players making all of their turns to win in a single play.



You can find out about opportunities to play Rummikub live at the timetable. Please report any external links that have broken or have changed to contain inappropriate material. More information about how tournament play works can be found in clocks and in MSO rules.

MSO Rummikub Champions

2012 Daniele Ferri Italy Olympiad Champion
2010 Dario De Toffoli Italy Olympiad Champion
2009 Dario De Toffoli Italy Olympiad Champion
2008 Dario De Toffoli Italy Olympiad Champion
2007 Madeleine Heppell England Olympiad Champion
2006 Kenneth Wilshire Wales Olympiad Champion
2005 Graham Parlour England Olympiad Champion
2003 Harri Bungay England Olympiad Champion
2000 Dario De Toffoli Italy Olympiad Champion
1999 James Heppell England Olympiad Champion
1998 Billy Lo Hong Kong Olympiad Champion
1997 M. Naito Japan Olympiad Champion

Full results and other winners can be found in Results.

MSO Rummikub Ranked Players:


  Dario De Toffoli


  Harri Bungay, James Heppell, Madeleine Heppell



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