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The Pentamind is the most prestigious event in the Mind Sports Olympiad. It was a mutli-discipline event created specifically for the MSO. Unlike the Decamentathlon which has 10 fixed events the 5 events of the Pentamind can be any five different events from one year. The Pentamind World Champion can be thought of as the Winner of the MSO and hence probably the best games player in the world.

Pentamind Points

The Pentamind scoring system is used to calculate the Amateur Olympiad and Amateur World Titles. Even for the Junior Pentamind all competitors are counted for the score.

Pentamind points are calculated by :

The number of players in the event your position

Divided by:

The number of players in the event 1

This is then multiplied by 100.

Positions for the Pentamind do not use tie-breaks but positions are split so that the average (mean) position is used!

MSO Champions

2015James HeppellEnglandWorld Champion
2014Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2013Ankush KhandelwalEnglandWorld Champion
2013Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2012Dario De ToffoliItalyWorld Champion
2011Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2010Paco Garcia De La BandaSpainWorld Champion
2009Martyn J. HamerEnglandWorld Champion
2008David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2007David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2006Jan StastnaCzech RepublicWorld Champion
2005Tim HebbesEnglandWorld Champion
2004Alain S. DekkerSouth AfricaWorld Champion
2003Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
2002Dario De ToffoliItalyWorld Champion
2001Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
2000Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
1999Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
1998Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
1997Kenneth J. WilshireWalesWorld Champion

Full results for Pentamind can be found here.

MSO Ranked Players at Pentamind

MSO International Grandmasters

MSO International Masters

MSO Candidate Masters