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Mexican Stud

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Mexican stud is even more a game of luck than Poker itself. As in Canadian Stud the aim is to make the best poker hand from five cards with one card always hidden and one new card seen each round of betting. Unlike Canadian Stud though it is the player who chooses which card to show either the card that they have just been dealt or their hold card.


Mexican stud is played with the standard deck of cards at the MSO. It is 5 card stud version of poker the only differnces between it and canadian stud is that only the standard poker hands apply. The second difference is that players get to choose which of their two unseen cards to show on each round.

You can find out about opportunities to play Mexican Stud live at the timetable. Please report any external links that have broken or have changed to contain inappropriate material. More information about how tournament play works can be found in clocks and in MSO rules.

MSO Poker (Mexican Stud) Champions

2009 Tige Nnando England Olympiad Champion
2008 Alain Dekker South Africa Olympiad Champion
2007 Mathew Cordell England Olympiad Champion
2006 George Lane England Olympiad Champion
2005 Jonathan Miller England Olympiad Champion
2004 Joey Ho Hong Kong Olympiad Champion
2003 Tim Hebbes England Olympiad Champion

Full results and other winners can be found in Results.

MSO Poker - Mexican Stud Ranked Players:




  Alain Dekker, Bharat Thakrar, George Lane, Joey Ho, Mathew Cordell, Tige Nnando, Tim Hebbes