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Mental Calculations

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Whether you need to know what day of the week 15 - 08 - 2745 is or the 7th root of 11 the mental calcultaions experts can find the answer with no workings and no paper. This is potentially the most demanding single session in the timetable. It is likely to take at least 100% to win the Mental Calculations World Championships.


Mental calculation rules are those of standard maths test except that you are only allowed to write down the answer. No calculation devices (including phones, or watchs with calculator functions) are permitted in the playing area. It is an event that is run under standard examination conditions that there is no talking and you must be escorted to the toilet. If you leave the room (without an official esscort) you will not be allowed back in. The paper does have a small element of English but this should not disadvantage foreign competitors.

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MSO Champions

2015Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2014Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2013George LaneEnglandWorld Champion
2012Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2011Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2010Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2009Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2008Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2008George LaneEnglandWorld Champion
2007Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2006Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2005Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2004Gert MittringGermanyWorld Champion
2003George LaneEnglandWorld Champion
2002George LaneEnglandWorld Champion
2001John R. RickardEnglandWorld Champion
2000Robert FountainWalesWorld Champion
1999George LaneEnglandWorld Champion
1998Robert FountainWalesWorld Champion
1997K. GalleUsaWorld Champion

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