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Mensa Connections


Mensa connections is a game that is usually played in its 4 player format. You have 6 tiles and the aim is to get your worst to be as high as possible, you hvae to be quick as the colour can quickly vanish from the board.


Mensa connections is tile based game where each player has six tiles in their hand. The aim is to try and get all of your six colour values up to 18. The score is worked out on the backmost colour and the winner is the player with the highest lowest value ( might need to join mensa to work out that last sentence). Each tile is two small hexagon joined together this can be placed so that it touches any tile that is down or one of the special colour start cells. A player may change his racjk if he has none of the colours of which he has the fewest points in. Otherwise a players rack is replenished at the end of their turn. A point is scored in a colour for making a straight line (at least length 2) and then for each line made a point is scored for the length of the line. A line always starts from the played tile. A tile maybe played for 0 points! To start the game each players needs to play a double. The play continues until there is no room left on the board or a player gets eighteen in all of the six colours. If a player gets a colour to 18 they get another go but without replensihing their rack.

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MSO Champions

2015Daniele FerriItalyOlympiad Champion
2014Noel BurgerEnglandOlympiad Champion
2014Mike DixonEnglandOlympiad Champion
2013James HeppellEnglandOlympiad Champion
2012Peter BurleyEnglandOlympiad Champion
2011Ankush KhandelwalEnglandOlympiad Champion
2009Dario De ToffoliItalyOlympiad Champion
2008Martin BurroughsEnglandOlympiad Champion
2007James HeppellEnglandOlympiad Champion
2006Jan StastnaCzech RepublicOlympiad Champion

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