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Hexdame is draughts played on a hexagonal board. Unlike most versions of Draughts once you have promoted to a king the game becomes more difficult as you have to make sure your amazing mobille piece takes the maximum possible number of your opponents pieces.



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MSO Champions

2008David A. KotinBelarusOlympiad Champion
2008David M. PearceEnglandOlympiad Champion
2007David A. KotinBelarusOlympiad Champion
2005Fred KokNetherlandsOlympiad Champion
2004Leo SpringerNetherlandsOlympiad Champion
2003George I. MillerEnglandOlympiad Champion
2002Mustafa DurdyevTurkmenistanOlympiad Champion
2001Mustafa DurdyevTurkmenistanOlympiad Champion
2000Mustafa DurdyevTurkmenistanOlympiad Champion
1999George I. MillerEnglandOlympiad Champion
1998Leo SpringerNetherlandsOlympiad Champion

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