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Entropy (Hyle)

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Although you probably have never seen the game outside of the MSO this is the most popular game amongst the game players at the MSO. It appeals to players from all game backgrounds. It is the blend of colours and patterns that are made in such a way as to be totally different from all other games. Although drawing counters from a bag would appear to be a high luck game, this is not the case when played at its top level with Demis Hassabis having achieved a 7 year winning streak (although not turning up to defend his World Champion title every year) where he won every single game. This eventually came to an end in 2007 when he lost to Alain Dekker with David Pearce winning the event for the second time.


Entropy is always played with two rounds where on the second round the players swap roles. The 7 colours each have seven counters. All of which are placed in a bag. One player takes counters out of the bag one at a time, this player is called chaos. Chaos then puts the counter in the open so that the other player, known as Order, can see it. This can be placed anywhere on the board where there is no other piece. Order can move any piece on the board like a rook in Chess. The piece can be moved either horizontally or vertically as long as its path does not cross any piece on the board. Order is trying to score points. These points are scored by any symmetry that is present at the end of the game either horizontally or vertically but not diagonally. This symmetry does not need to run through the middle point of the board. Each symmetry scores the length of it. So a line with ABA in it would score 3 points for the ABA. You score points for all of the patterns made in the line. So an AAAA structure scores AA x3 and AAA x2 and AAAA x1 which gives a total of 16 points. The players swap after the first round and the person who scores the most points as Order is the winner. As in all games where tiles are drawn from a bag. The bag should be held above the drawing players head so that they cannot see in the bag. If Chaos runs out of time then Order gets to play both players moves. If Order runs out of time then Chaos has to continue until the board is full. If both players run out of time then the pieces should be drawn from the bag at random filling the board from the top left corner, left to right downwards (from Chaos's perspective).

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MSO Champions

2015Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2014David JamesonWalesWorld Champion
2013Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2012Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2011Peter J. HorlockEnglandWorld Champion
2010Paco Garcia De La BandaSpainWorld Champion
2009Alain S. DekkerSouth AfricaWorld Champion
2008Peter J. HorlockEnglandWorld Champion
2007David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2006Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
2005Peter J. HorlockEnglandWorld Champion
2004Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
2003Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
2002David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2001Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
2000Demis HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
1999George HassabisEnglandWorld Champion
1998Peter J. HorlockEnglandWorld Champion
1997Martin HeasmanEnglandWorld Champion

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