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Dominos is a game of high luck that is often played by very young children but as there is large popularity as a British Pub Game it has managed to be part of the MSO. Although there have been several forms of dominoes played, including one where signals are allowed between partners (normally this would be cheating!), the main version used at the MSO is 5 & 3s. This is regarded as having sufficient skill to warrant its inclusion as an Mind Sports event although there is still a lot of luck.


Dominoes comes in many varieties and there have been 3 versions played at the mind sports olympiad. The most skillful version is dominoes 5s & 3s each player has a hand of six tiles(bones) (seven for singles). The play continues for 3 rounds in each match with an exact target of 61 needed. If a player can play the must play. A domino must match the spots of the end to which it is attached. straight dominoes is just about getting rid of your hand first. Carribean dominoes allows manoeuvres that would normally be cheating with agreed signals between partners. 5s and 3s is now the only version of dominoes played at the MSO. The aim is to total the two open ends to multiples of 3 or 5. One point is obtained for each 3 or 5 exactly in the total giving a maximum of 8 points for a 15. If a player cannot go their opponent carries on playing. ths play stops when one player is out of tiles. Both players show any remaining tiles and then the next hand is shuffled.

You can find out about opportunities to play Dominoes live at the timetable. Please report any external links that have broken or have changed to contain inappropriate material. More information about how tournament play works can be found in clocks and in MSO rules.

MSO Dominoes (Singles) Champions

2009 Bernard Morgan England Olympiad Champion
2008 Nigel Wedgeburrow England Olympiad Champion
2007 Kenneth Ho Hong Kong Olympiad Champion
2006 Michael Haytack England Olympiad Champion
2005 Joey Ho Hong Kong Olympiad Champion
2004 Piero Zama Italy Olympiad Champion
2003 Trevor Rule England Olympiad Champion
Venrick Wilson England
2002 Nigel Wedgeburrow England Olympiad Champion
2001 Gary Crane Scotland Olympiad Champion
Peter Greenhill Scotland
2001 Gordon Lloyd Scotland Olympiad Champion
2000 Nigel Wedgeburrow England Olympiad Champion
2000 Larry Hands England Olympiad Champion
Tom Wood England
1999 Gordon Lloyd Scotland Olympiad Champion
Ray Lloyd Scotland
1999 J. Tuzzio England Olympiad Champion
M. Jakeman England

Full results and other winners can be found in Results.

MSO Dominoes Ranked Players:


  Nigel Wedgeburrow





MSO Dominoes - 5s & 3s Ranked Players:


  Gordon Lloyd, Ray Lloyd


  Joey Ho, Theresa Conrad


  Bernard Morgan

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