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Diplomacy has taken the plea ‘Please let me win’ to its extreme. To win the game you simply have to convince everyone else to let you win the game! If you are not very persuasive you might find that rather than 10 pieces to move you are left with a solitary army in some North African desert. Diplomacy is a unique game as you cannot win without help from other people, there are no dice and there is no luck in the outcomes. Once you have worked out the possible strategic moves it is question of talking everyone else into letting them work. Diplomacy is a seven player game designed to reflect the political situation in Europe during the First World War. There is a two player version of the game Intimate Diplomacy.



You can find out about opportunities to play Diplomacy live at the timetable. Please report any external links that have broken or have changed to contain inappropriate material. More information about how tournament play works can be found in clocks and in MSO rules.

MSO Diplomacy Champions

2011 Wojciech Bazant Poland Olympiad Champion
2011 Andrew Havery England Olympiad Champion
2010 Michael Dixon England Olympiad Champion
2009 Johannes Nordstrom Sweden Olympiad Champion
2006 Gregory R L Mostyn France Olympiad Champion
2005 Jonathan Miller England Olympiad Champion
2004 Bijan Mehdinejad England Olympiad Champion
2003 George Hassabis England Olympiad Champion
2002 Gregory R L Mostyn France Olympiad Champion
2001 Demis Hassabis England Olympiad Champion
2000 Dave Horton Wales Olympiad Champion
1999 Peter Hawkins England Olympiad Champion

Full results and other winners can be found in Results.

MSO Diplomacy Ranked Players:


  Andrew Havery, Gregory R L Mostyn


  Bijan Mehdinejad, Demis Hassabis, Vick Hall


  David Pearce, Etan Ilfeld, Tony Niccoli

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