Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking


Creative thinking is a written Puzzle Game where the competitor is given a question or series of obscure questions that they have to answer. Although this is a judged event with flexible rules as to what gets a mark the MSO have been lucky to have Bill Hartston set and mark all of the Creative thinking competitions held at the MSO to date. Creative thinking is a widely used term and is a skill that is difficult to measure. However, the mind sports Olympiad have hosted the world championship in the event and it is also part of the Decamentathlon. Unfortunately there is a language bias as the test is set in English. The event is tough and even the best of minds can freeze when asked to compare a celebrity to a piece of fruit or guess the use of an obscure unlabelled patent diagram (right answers may not be the most creative). An event where not only the quality of your answer but how many other competitors were able to make the same point can be highly demanding. One year, the quote "I am an accountant. What on Earth made me think I was creative!" could be heard.


Creative thinking consists of four written question and there are very few rules. Marks are scored for quality but the more players in the field who find the answer the fewer marks that will be obtained. The Decamentathlon only has one paper.

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MSO Champions

2015Nandini ShiralkarEnglandWorld Champion
2014Resli CostabellUsaWorld Champion
2013Gaby KappusEnglandWorld Champion
2013Dan HochCanadaWorld Champion
2012Dan HochCanadaWorld Champion
2011Dan HochCanadaWorld Champion
2011Philip C. BatemanSouth AfricaWorld Champion
2010Paco Garcia De La BandaSpainWorld Champion
2009Philip C. BatemanSouth AfricaWorld Champion
2008Martin BurroughsEnglandWorld Champion
2007Maguy HiggsEnglandWorld Champion
2006Martin BurroughsEnglandWorld Champion
2005Martin BurroughsEnglandWorld Champion
2004Martin BurroughsEnglandWorld Champion
2003Bruce H. BirchallEnglandWorld Champion
2002Philip C. BatemanSouth AfricaWorld Champion
2001David J. BodycombeEnglandWorld Champion
2000Maguy HiggsEnglandWorld Champion
1999David J. BodycombeEnglandWorld Champion
1998Bruce H. BirchallEnglandWorld Champion
1997Philip C. BatemanSouth AfricaWorld Champion

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