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Chess is probably the best known of the all the games played at the Mind Sports Olympiad although the number of players worldwide is a long way short of Xiang-Qi and Go. There have been a plethora of chess tournaments held at the MSO although some events are more serious than others. Chess is part of the Decamentathlon and rather than Chess Problem Solving tend to use more realistic chess problems.

Chess has many variants and several of which have been part of the MSO. Those which are not part of the tournament are often still played in the breaks in the competition.



The full list of MSO games that are in this category are below or for all games see Games A-Z.

MSO Chess (Blitz) Champions

2012 Ian Deswarte England Olympiad Champion
2012 Ankush Khandelwal England Olympiad Champion
2012 Etan Ilfeld USA Olympiad Champion
2011 Saparmurat Atabayev Turkmenistan Olympiad Champion
2011 Etan Ilfeld USA Olympiad Champion
2011 Ankush Khandelwal England Olympiad Champion
2010 Yusup Atabayev Turkmenistan Olympiad Champion
2010 Maksat Atabayev Turkmenistan Olympiad Champion
2010 Andres Kuusk Estonia Olympiad Champion
2009 Etan Ilfeld USA Olympiad Champion
2008 Mark Rich England Olympiad Champion
2007 Christopher Briscoe England Olympiad Champion
2006 Tim Hebbes England Olympiad Champion
2005 Ankush Khandelwal England Olympiad Champion
2004 Alan Smith England Olympiad Champion
2003 Nicholas Pert England Olympiad Champion
2002 Ameet Ghasi England Olympiad Champion
2001 Pentalyu Harikrishna India Olympiad Champion
2000 Daniel Gormally Switzerland Olympiad Champion
1999 Alex Baburin Ireland Olympiad Champion
1998 Stuart Conquest England Olympiad Champion
1997 Michael Adams England Olympiad Champion

Full results and other winners can be found in Results.

MSO Chess Ranked Players:


  Alan Smith, Ameet Ghasi, Ankush Khandelwal, Csaba Bognar, Daniel Gormally, Donny Muter, Julian Hodgson, Mark Hebden, Michael Adams, Nicholas Pert, Robin Haldane, Stuart Conquest, Tim Hebbes


  Aaron Summerscale, Alain Dekker, Alan Walton, Alexander Baron, Andrew Smith, Bogdan Lalic, Chris Carter, David Moscovic, David Sands, Dennis Owen, Etan Ilfeld, Jochen Wittman, John Emms, John Nunn, Lev Psahkis, Lim Chin Lee, Matthew Broomfield, Matthew Turner, Meilis Annaberdiev, Mike Surtees, Richard Bates, Sapar Batyros, Stephen Mannion


  David Jameson, James Plaskett, Jon S. Friedland, Lyndon  Gurr, Michael Duggan, Thorsten Cmiel, William Bennet

MSO Chess - Blitz Ranked Players:


  Ankush Khandelwal, Julian Hodgson, Matthew Turner, Tim Hebbes


  Alexander Baron, Demis Hassabis, Jonathan Parker, Robin Haldane


  Alain Dekker, Keith Arkell, Mark Hebden, Nicholas Pert, Stephen Pickles

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