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Boku also marketed as Bollox, although someone did realise the meaning of the word and quickly changed the name. Although there are many games that involve trying to make rows of a set length ranging from noughts and crosses (tick tack toe) to gomoku. The extra sandwich rule that Boku introduces dramatically changes the shape and play of the game. As there are so few rules the game can be learnt in a matter of minutes, although there are many traps so thought is required. There is a big advantage to the first player so two rounds are played in each match using the same time for both.


Boku has a very simple rule set each player can place a ball in any empty space on the board with the exception of the sandwich rule. The aim is to be first player to achieve a line of five in a row on the hexagonal board. A sandwich is when a piece is placed at the end of one of your own colour followed by two of the opponents pieces. If a sandwich is made by you in your turn you can remove one of your opponent's balls that have just been sandwiched. Then your opponent cannot play in the space where the removed piece has just been taken on the next move. To compensate for black's big advantage with the opening move once a line-of-five has been made another game is played using the remaining time from the first game but with colours swapped. If no winning line could be made the game is a draw.

You can find out about opportunities to play Boku live at the timetable. Please report any external links that have broken or have changed to contain inappropriate material. More information about how tournament play works can be found in clocks and in MSO rules.

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2015Martin HobemagiEstoniaWorld Champion
2014Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2013Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2012Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2011Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2010David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2008David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2007James HeppellEnglandWorld Champion
2006David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2005Joey HoHong KongWorld Champion
2004David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2003David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2002Ben PridmoreEnglandWorld Champion
2001Jan PalmgrenSwedenWorld Champion
2000David GlaudeBelgiumWorld Champion

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