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A game that takes all of the plane shapes made up square units from 1 to 5 units where each square unit has to touch another along an edge. THe players take turns placing their pieces on the corners of a piece of their own colour but cannot join a piece of their own colour and the aim is to get down as many squares as posible.

MSO Champions

2015David JamesonWalesOlympiad Champion
2014Matthew HathrellEnglandOlympiad Champion
2013Mike DixonEnglandOlympiad Champion
2012David JamesonWalesOlympiad Champion
2011Mike DixonEnglandOlympiad Champion
2010Mike DixonEnglandOlympiad Champion
2009Barbara CorfeEnglandOlympiad Champion

Full results for Blokus can be found here.

MSO Ranked Players at Blokus

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MSO Candidate Masters