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Backgammon is regarded as the ultimate dice game. Despite the large number of possible combinations and randomness of the die rolls this is yet another game that the computer has managed to overtake humans. The fine judgement of when to use the doubling cube makes this more than just a race to get your men home.


You can find out about opportunities to play Backgammon live at the timetable. Please report any external links that have broken or have changed to contain inappropriate material. More information about how tournament play works can be found in clocks and in MSO rules.

MSO Backgammon Champions

2012 Geoff Oliver England Olympiad Champion
2011 Geoff Oliver England Olympiad Champion
2010 Jason Dennis England Olympiad Champion
Jason Dennis England
2009 Steve Rimmer England Olympiad Champion
2008 John Reddington England Olympiad Champion
2007 John Slattery Scotland Olympiad Champion
2006 Jeff Barber England Olympiad Champion
2005 Kevin Stebbing England Olympiad Champion
2004 Nodar Gagua Georgia Olympiad Champion
2003 Rodney Lighton England Olympiad Champion
2002 John Slattery Scotland Olympiad Champion
2001 John Slattery Scotland Olympiad Champion
2000 Peter Bennet England Olympiad Champion
1999 John Clark England Olympiad Champion
1998 Brian Lever England Olympiad Champion
1997 John Clark England Olympiad Champion

Full results and other winners can be found in Results.

MSO Backgammon Ranked Players:


  Bijan Mehdinejad, Jeff Barber, John Clark, John Slattery, Kevin Stebbing, Mahmoud Jahanbani, Martyn Hamer, Nodar Gagua, Peter Bennet, Steve Rimmer, Uldis Lapikens


  Alexander Baron, Connor Dickinson, Dario De Toffoli, George Christofides, Irving Czechowicz, Jim Wong, John Broomfield, John Reddington, John Rudolf, Jysen Qwt, Mahmoud Jahanbani, Martin Thompson, Richard Biddle, Rodney Lighton


  Adrian Jones, Alan Beckerson, Andrew Kindler, Helen Helm Sagar, Ian Davidson, John Kwee, Nicholas Check, Paco Garcia De La Banda, Simon Gasquoine, Victoria Chandler, Wayne Felton

MSO Backgammon - Wipeout Ranked Players:


  Steve Rimmer




  Mahmoud Jahanbani

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