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Azacru is one of the Pacru family of games invented by Mike Wellman. It has much simpler rules than Pacru and the end condition of the game is such that games can be very short and brutal as there are lots of opening traps that win very quickly. Played on a Pacru board with the same initial set up but the play is very different shown by Alain Dekker s failure to medal yet in Azacru. The game like Shacru and Pacru has multi-player versions but only the two player version is used for competition.


MSO Champions

2012Martyn J. HamerEnglandWorld Champion
2011Martyn J. HamerEnglandWorld Champion
2010Alain S. DekkerSouth AfricaWorld Champion
2009Martyn J. HamerEnglandOlympiad Champion
2009Martyn J. HamerEnglandWorld Champion
2008Martyn J. HamerEnglandOlympiad Champion
2008Martyn J. HamerEnglandWorld Champion
2007Martyn J. HamerEnglandWorld Champion
2006Mike WellmanEnglandWorld Champion

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