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Abstract Games

The category of abstract games was introduced in 2008. The reason for the inclusion of such a list is that a brand new major trophy has been introduced to the MSO where the best scores for all of the abstract games are used.

Unlike the Pentamind any number of games can be used so the more you play the better your chance of winning.

In 2011 the format was changed so that just the 5 best games could be used and the title was renamed as the Modern Abstract Games World Championships.

A revival of the event is likely to see this number increase to 7

The list of MSO games that are in this category for 2016 (as of timetable in March) are below or for all games see Games A-Z.

MSO Champions

2013Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2012Andres KuuskEstoniaWorld Champion
2011David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2010David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2009David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion
2008David M. PearceEnglandWorld Champion

Full results for Abstract Games can be found here.

MSO Ranked Players at Abstract Games

MSO International Grandmasters

MSO International Masters

    MSO Candidate Masters